Standards for Mentoring

About the Illinois Induction Program Standards

Illinois Induction Program Standards are intended to set forth a clear framework to assist in the development of research-based programs that meet local needs and are responsive to local contexts.

The standards are broad and interdependent, describing a vision of a comprehensive and dynamic program for beginning teachers and those who support them. The standards provide a research-based foundation that will guide and support development of induction programs.

The intent of these standards is to foster thoughtful, high quality growth and development. The standards become purposeful and meaningful when implemented fully at the local level. The standards help reflect on best practices and effective structures necessary to the design and delivery of high quality, effective induction programs.

Illinois Induction Program Standards have been developed by a diverse stakeholder group that has broadly reviewed the research on induction and induction programs as well as their implementation.

Illinois Induction Program Standards are offered to facilitate and support the development, implementation and continual improvement of induction programs that in turn achieve the goals for induction programs.


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