Program Continuum

Simply stated in the words of the stakeholders in the Work Group:

“From the outset, our goal has been to craft a useful document that will prompt both thinking and action around the professional needs of new teachers in the state. Our aim is for this document to be used as a formative assessment tool as opposed to a summative assessment tool. In that regard, this document may be used effectively to promote program development through an ongoing cycle of continuous improvement.”

Accompanying the Illinois Induction Program Standards is a companion document that describes program development across multiple levels. This Continuum was written by the Program Continuum Work Group of the Illinois Induction Policy Team during 2009–2010 in partnership with the New Teacher Center. The developmental Continuum is designed to:

  • Provide a common language to describe and discuss program
  • development and ongoing improvement
  • Assist Program leadership and partners to collaboratively design,
  • implement, and assess the quality and effectiveness of their programs
  • Assist program leadership in setting clear, evidence-based goals
  • and planning for program development and improvement
  • Identify program needs for resources and supports.


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